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FIT Details
BIPV, Grid connected, Photovoltaic, Solar Power systems - Do you need it ??? or are you being cheated by FIT (Feed in Tariff)
The Energy Saving House
How do Self Sufficient systems achieve greater efficiency, at lower cost?
The Difference of BIPV “ON GRID” & Stand-alone “OFF GRID"
Modular System
LED for Road Lighting
Mercury is not Poisonous
Lester Lightbulb Framed by LED
LED Myths, the Truth
LED More Heat than Light
LED is Toxic waste
LED glare bad for the eyes
The Solar Panels
Advantages of SOLAR POWER (Stand-Alone Systems)
What to look for in a SOLAR POWER SYSTEM ?
• PV Panel Characteristics CRYSTALLINE or THIN FILM(includes A-si)
A-si Myths, the Truth...
Myth 1: A-si has more deterioration over time???
Myth 2: A-si panels are less efficient so they produce less energy???
Myth 3: A-si panels are bigger and take up more space???
Myth 4: A-si panels produce too much power and damage inverters???

LED Myths, the Truth...
Myth 1: LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps save energy???
Myth 2: LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps are brighter???
• Solar Powered LED Lighting... inefficient, power hungry and low brightness lamps!!!
• Why you do not use inverters with Solar Power Systems